Tact controlled production line from Rimas

ATAG Heating invests in new tact controlled production line from Rimas.
Improvement of productivity, ergonomics an quality through smart track and trolleys

ATAG has been making high-quality central heating boilers that have won numerous awards for 70 years. Thanks to her craftsmanship and Achterhoekse sobriety, half a million households worldwide already enjoy its sustainable products. All boilers are produced in the Netherlands. Together with Rimas from Beringe, ATAG developed a new more efficient and more ergonomic production line, with which it expands its production capacity.


Flexible production line for more or other types of boilers

Until now, ATAG produces its boilers in a production line specially developed for it, with all boilers hanging on a rail. Boilers are pushed from mounting location to mounting location via the rail. Each production employee is responsible for one fixed installation location and always carries out the same operation there. Employees are given a fixed tact time after which all boilers move to the next workstation. Although the existing production line is still satisfactory, there is always room for improvement. Better ergonomics, so that the new production line is better suited for long and short employees was the highest priority. The new production line should be flexible so that it can be easily adapted to produce different and more boilers.


14 Height-adjustable work trolleys for less physical strain

ATAG has been working with Rimas for years. Rimas therefore knows the ATAG production process very well. Rimas was asked to think about the layout of the new production line and designed the new production process together with Sander van den Berg, Production Engineering Manager at ATAG Heating. Rimas built and tested the concept and delivered custom-made and height-adjustable trolleys including the rail system in the floor. The height adjustment ensures ergonomic workplaces that are ideal for production workers of any length. It makes working on the boilers lighter and causes employees less physical discomfort.


Smart rail system ensures calm and efficient layout of the production hall

In the new production line, assembly employees will now produce the complete boiler. The boiler cabinet will be placed on a trolley with an integrated product carrier. Each employee walks with the boiler under construction from mounting location to mounting location. Working on one and the same boiler makes the work more varied and interesting. Employees feel responsible for the end result of their own boiler. The production process is more controllable, which means that employees can be coached better. The smart rail system in the floor ensures that trolleys can be moved effortlessly and automatically follow the right direction to the next workstation. The rail system also ensures an efficient layout of the space and ensures a lot of calmth and structure in the production process.

Tilting work trolleys for optimal accessibility

As in the existing production line, the new production line uses fixed tact times. There is the same fixed time for every assembly operation in the production process. When the buzzer sounds, each installation employee pushes his trolley, with the boiler under construction, on to the next workstation. There all the necessary parts are presented on the left side and all the necessary tools on the right side. The trolley is height adjustable and tiltable so that all connection points and parts of the boiler are optimally accessible. It benefits efficiency.


Satisfied employees and a better result

Sander van den Berg from ATAG is very satisfied with the new production line. “The Bosch Rexroth system with which Rimas works is just like LEGO and therefore very flexible and very suitable for affordable customization. The new production line is easy to adjust if we want to start production of new boilers. This makes our time-to-market faster and customer specific delivery easier. The line is also easy to expand in capacity. The improved ergonomics makes our employees very happy, among other things due to the lower physical load. Because assembly employees can tilt their work trolley and because they now assemble the entire boiler from A to Z, work is more accurate. Working on the new production line has become a bit more complex. Every employee should now be able to perform all actions. We solve that by first training everyone on the old production line. ”